It’s hard to believe that a daily, hour long commute stuck in traffic could have led to this moment!

That’s when my daughter and I had lots of time to talk; about dreams, worries,work, school, music, and anything else that came to mind. Our company took shape during these long commutes. It started out as something fun to talk about – a mom & daughter company with products we loved and a mission we believed in. The sky was the limit! After all, neither of us really thought it was real at the time. It was just a wonderful something to dream about, to smile at the possibilities, and to pass those long hours in the car.

Then, all of the sudden, it wasn’t just a dream. The dream became a goal and an opportunity. Why couldn’t we start our own company?

I had left my job and we had moved to the south of France (more on that later). I had time on my hands and we had inspiration at our finger tips. If not now, we asked, when?

So, our journey began!

We jumped in head first – scaling the steep learning curve of entrepreneurship for the last year. Along the way, as things worked, or didn’t work, we learned a ton, and really figured out who we wanted to be, what we wanted to do, and what we stood for as a company. We can’t wait to share our dreams, aspirations and company with you. We’re so happy to have you join us on our journey!


Hi, I’m Heather Schwarm

I’m the girl who quit her C-suite job, sold everything, and moved to the South of France for an awesome family adventure. Along the way, I discovered a new and wonderful way of living!

Now I’m a dream-chasing, inspiration seeking, modern-day gypsy who is passionate about sharing what I’ve learned and encouraging others to lead an inspired, happy and fulfilling life. I can’t wait to get to know you!

Hello, I’m Carlie!

I grew up in Hawaii and I like to think I carry a little Aloha spirit with me everywhere I go.

My true calling is that of a story teller and an artist. I love the world of paper and ink in all forms (Thus why a stationery company seemed a perfect fit. What’s better then making what you love!)

I’m sarcastic and silly (I like to think), and can out-pun anyone! I make a mean chocolate chip cookie, which I use to bribe my mom whenever needed (strategist in the making!).

I’m a can–do-it sort of girl. A lover of adventure, rollercoasters, and Mexican food.

My passion? Seeking and sharing knowledge. I’m happy to meet you!