Lovely Lavender: Pearls of Wisdom from our Provencal Grand-méres!

Every summer, Provence dresses up in brilliant shades of purple, as fields and fields of lavender bloom across the French countryside!  This handy plant has become a mainstay in everyday French life and is used for loads of things.  From soap to ice-cream, health aids to insect repellent, this multitasking wonder does it all!  French “grand-mere’s” have shared their wisdom for generations and now we want to share it with you!


No Bugs on Me!

Lavender is an excellent insect repellent.  Place a lavender sachet in your closet or drawers to repel moths.  Add some lavender oil to your lotion to keep mosquitos away.   Place lavender sprigs at your window sill as a “DO NOT ENTER” sign for scorpions (really, it keeps them out!).   French moms also place a dab of lavender oil behind their children’s ears to repel lice!

A Little R & R...

Need some help calming down after a busy day.  Lavender to the rescue!  Lavender has been valued since Egyptian times for its amazing calming properties.   A few drops of lavender oil or a cup of lavender flowers in the bath can melt away any stressful day.  Or, make an easy linen spray using lavender oil (added to 3:1 ratio of water and witch hazel) for a sleep inducing pillow spray – Sweet Dreams!

Get Fresh!

Bring that freshly dried-in-the-breeze smell to your clean laundry even if it’s raining outside!  Place a few drops of lavender oil in with your laundry detergent and your clothes will smell just like summers in Provence!


Lavender is a First Aid kit essential!  You can dab a little lavender oil on a bug bite and it will reduce itching and swelling.  Use a few drops on a burn  (or sunburn) and it will ease pain and reduce redness.  Did you cut yourself?  No problem.  Put some lavender oil on the cut and it will stop the bleeding, clean the cut, and disinfect.  All better!

Smooth Operator...

Lavender is great for turning skin that’s dry and chapped to smooth and supple!  Mix lavender essential oil with some coconut oil for an effective moisturizer or place a few drops directly onto chapped lips.   Lavender is even known as a treatment for eczema.  Beautiful skin, here we come!

Thanks Grandma!