The secret to beautiful summer, sandal-ready feet?  Repeat after me… SOAK, SCRUB, and SOOTHE! 

Here are some great tips and DIY recipes to pamper your little tootsies until they’re smooth, supple and ready for any strappy sandal you can throw at them!  And guess what?  Your feet aren’t the only ones who benefit.  This regimen will serve you as well.  Not only will your feet look great, but you’ll feel relaxed, rested and ready for your next summer soirée! 


Tip:  Creating “spa” products is fun!  Why not make a morning or afternoon of it?   A  mother-daughter activity or night “in” with your girlfriends?  My daughter, Carlie, and I had a glorious time making our favorite elixirs for this post.  Not only did we end the day with happy feet, but we had happy hearts as well from taking time out together!


The Happy Feet Regimen – Recommended dosage?  At least 1x per week!